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Personae is an accelerator for start-ups developing new welfare solutions or services related to people, the community and businesses. It was born out of the initiative of CDP Venture Capital Sgr, through the Accelerators Fund, and was developed together with SocialFare | Centro per l’Innovazione Sociale  and  a|cube, Italy's leading accelerators in guiding start-ups and companies with a high social and environmental impact, which will manage the process from an operational point of view.

The programme has a total budget of 6.1 million euros for investments in the acceleration phase and for the subsequent growth steps, 3.5 million euros of which were allocated by CDP Venture Capital's Accelerators Fund, 1.774 million euros by Social Fare Seed, 632,000 euros by a|impact - Avanzi Etica SICAF EuVECA and 224,000 euros by Fondazione Italiana Accenture.

The initiative also benefits from the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo  and  Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore as main partners. Accenture participates in Personae as corporate partner.

Personae aims to support the development of start-ups capable of responding in innovative ways to the most current challenges in the welfare sector, such as demographic imbalance, the fragmentation of family structures, the birth of new relational models or the strengthening of situations of social vulnerability. The proposed solution must include characteristics of accessibility, personalisation, flexibility, inclusion, innovation and fall within the areas of individual, work, economic or family and community well-being. 

Personae will select up to 10 start-ups each year for three years, which will receive an initial investment of 100,000 euros and will participate in a 4-month acceleration programme focused on growth for market access enriched by mentoring and tutoring sessions carried out by the SocialFare and a|cube team in collaboration with their network of professionals and with the participation of Italian and international investors.
The best projects will have access to further investments of up to 300,000 euros per start-up, already allocated by the initiative's investors and co-investors. 

The acceleration programme will take place alternating online and face-to-face sessions on the premises of Rinascimenti Sociali in Turin - made available by SocialFare - and on the premises of Avanzi Coworking in Milan - made available by a|cube.  

The start-ups selected for the 1st edition of the acceleration programme are: Amalia, BeFancyFit, Fluyda, Genius4U, Nipote in affitto, Svolta and Parent Smile.

The call for the 2nd batch of Personae is open from 5 July to 24 September 2023 at

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