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Boost Innovation Fund


The fund supports Italian corporations in launching and funding start-ups that have a strong innovative impact upon the business of the corporates themselves as well as in developing the markets within which they operate or are preparing to enter.

Added Value

We contribute to developing corporate venture building with our investment experience in innovative start-ups and to involving Italy’s CDP-linked industrial fabric.

Investment Criteria

With we co-invest with corporates in the companies they sponsor that are in both the pre-seed and seed phases as well as in the more advanced phase. The former we support in team establishment and expansion as well as in business model and business plan definition, the latter in scale up of the business.

Investment Areas

We invest in areas of high growth potential which also advance innovations in process and/or products, goods as well as services or infrastructures of interest to Italy (e.g. energy and utilities, mechanics, healthcare, financial services, media & telco, agritech, robotics, artificial intelligence, biotech, smart cities, education, welfare services).

Asset Under Management

50 million euros

Subscribed capital. Target is 75 million euros

Investment Portfolio



The ecosystem supporting innovation in Italy