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Accelerators Fund  


We support the foundation and development of a new generation of high-growth potential start-ups focused on disruptive technologies. We prioritize the sectors and technologies that are most crucial to Italy’s industrial ecosystem.

Added Value

We develop a well-connected network of new generation vertical accelerators in partnership with key Italian and international operators, along with businesses in the most important verticals and leading insitutional sponsors.

Investment Criteria

We invest in companies that have passed the initial idea/prototyping phase and need assistance in testing their business models and to reach product/market fit. We invest in companies that meet the requirements of our acceleration programs and in their subsequent financing rounds.

Investment sectors

The fund invests strategically in sectors linked to advanced industrial networks in Italy, including mechanics, automotive, food and agriculture, energy, medical equipment, fashion, and financial services. We have a particular interest in disruptive technologies such as IoT, big data, blockchain, AI, and biotechnology.

Asset Under Management

203 million euros

Subscribed capital.

Investment Portfolio

200 Companies

We manage more than 200 companies among seed, early stage and Round A


The ecosystem supporting innovation in Italy