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Technology Transfer Fund  


We valorise market research results through the creation of integrated technology transfer platforms that are specialized in certain scientific and technological research areas while having an elevated potential for the competitiveness and innovation of Italy’s industrial system.

Added Value

The Technology Transfer Fund is thus a primary player through its mix of direct and indirect investments in overcoming the gap in both skills and capital between Research and the Market, its ultimate aim being that of creating new generations of successful entrepreneurs as well as qualified and recognized investors.

Investment Criteria

We invest in two directions: directly, by creating poles of technology transfer in collaboration with universities and research centers in order to encourage the birth of so-called deep-tech start-ups operating within specific research fields with broad industrial development prospects; indirectly, by investing as FoF in venture capital funds that are specialized in these same fields of scientific and technological research.

Investment sectors

We will be investing in business projects, start-ups and venture capital funds operating within sectors of frontier technologies.

Asset Under Management

285 million euros

Subscribed capital. Target is 425 million euros


The ecosystem supporting innovation in Italy