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FOF Venturitaly  

Venture Capital Fund Of Funds


We invest in Venture Capital funds across their entire chain, from seed to late stage. Focusing specifically on Italy, our goal is to generate returns for our investors while developing the country’s Venture Capital market.

Added Value

As investors, we typically take on the Cornerstone role at the initial closing.

Investment Criteria

FOF VenturItaly is dedicated to investments in closed-end venture capital funds, with an investment strategy focused on high-tech companies in the seed, start-up and late-stage phases. We invests primarily as cornerstone investor in three categories of Venture Capital fund managers: first time team/first time funds capable to promote projects with a long-term approach; new teams within existing fund managers; investment teams with proven track record raising subsequent Venture Capital funds.

Investment sectors

All technology sectors.

Asset Under Management

465 million euros

Subscribed capital. Target is 400 million euros


16 Funds


Recruitment in process

CDP Venture Capital, with the FOF Team, is also advisor to Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR SpA on the portfolio monitoring of two Venture Capital fund of funds with an overall commitment of 250 million euros.

The ecosystem supporting innovation in Italy