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Strategic Partnership between CDP Venture Capital and Generali Welion for Senior Living

The birth of the new company Convivit for a new housing model with digital, care and well-being services for self-sufficient over 65s.
Within 10 years, over 20 residences are planned to be built across Italy for 2,500 people with 2,000 modern apartments based on a new concept that integrates services, IoT (Internet of Things), common spaces and green areas

Milan, 13 July 2021. In 2045 it is estimated to reach around 20 million people over 65 in Italy (Source: Istat). In this context, CDP Venture Capital and Generali Italia announce a strategic partnership for Senior Living. We announce the birth of the new company Convivit, which introduces a new housing model for self-sufficient over 65s with care and well-being services for an active lifestyle

Convivit - 50% CDP Venture Capital through the Boost Innovation Fund and 50% Generali Welion, - inspired by international models, conceives a new network of Senior Living residences for an active lifestyle full of opportunities for socialising, which helps seniors continue living a fulfilling life in the best state of health for as long as possible, guaranteeing total autonomy and independence, in a context that ensures, where necessary, adequate protection in terms of health care support for its guests.

Andrea Mecenero, with many years of experience in Senior Living under his belt, will be the Chief Executive Officer of Convivit.

Convivit plans to open 20 residences for 2,500 people with 2,000 apartments across the country by 2030.

The services on offer will range from those dedicated to the residential aspect, such as unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, 24-hour concierge and laundry service, to those on health and safety, with the option for each tenant of having wearable devices for the constant monitoring of health parameters, 24-hour telephone support, health care services from specialised operators, as well as wellness and entertainment services with a beauty centre, a hairdresser, recreational activities and a gym. 

An IoT (Internet of Things) platform - software and hardware both with a view to prevention and for health care and treatment purposes - will be able to integrate the various services available to residents every day, 24 hours a day. A digital system will provide each resident with protection and support, thereby ensuring the highest level of independence and confidentiality. Therefore, it will be possible, for example, to contact the administration, receive medical e-consultation services, book services in the communal areas, contact family members, including in full digital mode. 

The residences will feature modern, pleasant environments with large spaces and will offer different types of apartments, from “Smart” ones for single use, to “First Class” and “Suites” dedicated to couples. These facilities will be located in well-served urban and citizen settings, equipped with meeting places, common spaces and green areas to promote opportunities for socialising. 

The project is part of a broader model of services for the silver economy and aims to expand the market of tools dedicated to the over 65s for a more inclusive and connected lifestyle thanks to  digital and technological solutions on the market and constantly evolving in order to respond to the new needs of this target audience.

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