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CDP Venture Capital Sgr lands on Spotify with "Let's Venture", the first podcast series dedicated to the world of innovation

The 7 episodes of the podcast focused on the culture of innovative entrepreneurship are now available on CDP Venture Capital Spotify and Spreaker profiles

Rome, 3 November 2021 - CDP Venture Capital Sgr makes its debut in the world of podcasts with the series "Let's Venture", a story consisting of seven episodes starring the voices of the Fund's colleagues who, together with AGI journalist Arcangelo Rociola, discuss some of the key issues involved in the creation and consolidation of a start-up.

The storytelling takes the form of a podcast that aims to promote knowledge of the venture capital tools and the growth opportunities available to fledgling companies.

To date, Italy counts almost 14 thousand start-ups, small businesses in their own right that employ professionals of all ages with the aim of setting a benchmark in the business sectors with the highest technological content. However, the country is still lagging behind in terms of resources, culture and access to financing required for the sustainability of a business project and its growth. 

In the first episode of "Let's Venture", Enrico Resmini, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of CDP Venture Capital Sgr, outlines the picture of the innovation ecosystem in Italy, analysing the venture capital situation also in comparison with European countries such as France, Germany or the United Kingdom, especially from the point of view of national and international investors.

In the following episodes the microphone gets passed round to six different CDP Venture Capital representatives to gain insights into different focus areas: from the role of venture capital funds for the ecosystem, to the importance of accelerators and the CDP National Accelerators Network that is being deployed on the territory, from the National Technology Transfer Pole to Corporate Venture Capital, and then finally addressing the role of XLab, the CDP Venture Capital innovation laboratory that sets in motion the start-up value chain and Digital Xcelerator, the free digital entrepreneurship training programme.

The seven episodes are conducted by Arcangelo Rociola, editor of AGI, expert in politics and economics, who has worked in the past as editor-in-chief of three publishing start-ups linked to the world of innovation.

All the episodes of the first season of "Let's Venture" are now available on the Spotify page of CDP Venture Capital Sgr, on Spreaker and on the website

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