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Industry: introducing MadeInAdd, a strategic partnership between CDP Venture Capital Sgr, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino

Torino/Monza and Brianza/Rome, 28 September 2022 - CDP Venture Capital, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino announce a strategic partnership for the additive manufacturing market, worth a total of 19.4 million euro. This is how MadeInAdd was established. The new company introduces a new digital model for the design and production of 3D printing components for manufacturing companies, with a focus on SMEs, for which the transition to Industry 4.0 is essential to remain competitive on the Italian and global markets.

MadeInAdd is a joint initiative between the Boost Innovation Fund, CDP Venture Capital’s corporate venture builder that co-creates new start-ups together with large Italian companies, MIMETE, a producer of metal powders for the additive manufacturing market, and PUNCH Torino, a company specialised in developing innovative powertrain systems that is already active in the additive manufacturing sector. MadeInAdd was established to bridge the gap between other countries and Italy, where the adoption of this technology is still limited in comparison. 

In recent years, additive manufacturing has increasingly established itself as one of the leading cutting-edge technologies. What sets it apart is a production process that adds rather than subtracts. The potential of this technology lies in the innovative opportunities it offers. These include simultaneous production of custom components, trabecular structures, and on-demand and on-site production.

The digitisation of Italian manufacturing companies represents a great opportunity to accelerate the transition of their production processes to additive manufacturing, which has a global market growth potential of over 100 billion euro by 20301.

MadeInAdd will operate through a digital platform to guide customer companies, and in particular SMEs, through the component design process, defining the characteristics and the most suitable materials for additive printing and providing the opportunity to complete the process through the purchase of the printing service, all guaranteed by a consolidated supplier selection process.

This will enable companies using traditional production technologies to maximise the benefits and innovation of additive manufacturing in a guided and accessible way. 

MadeInAdd will have its headquarters in Turin and will target both the Italian and European markets.
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CDP Venture Capital Sgr is an asset management company (70% owned by CDP Equity and 30% owned by Invitalia) with 1.8 billion euro of assets under management. It aims to make Venture Capital a strategic pillar to Italy’s economic development and innovation, creating the conditions for a comprehensive and sustainable growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem. It operates through a series of funds that aim to support start-ups in all their life cycle stages, making both direct and indirect investments.

MIMETE Srl in Biassono (MB) is a company belonging to the FOMAS Group, based in Osnago (LC), specialised in the production of metal powders for the additive manufacturing sector. Founded as a start-up of the FOMAS Group in 2017, today MIMETE is a benchmark in Europe and produces powders based on iron, nickel, cobalt and tailor-made solutions for the production of components intended for various sectors, including biomedicine, power generation, aerospace and racing. MIMETE embodies the innovative spirit of the entire Group by promoting metallurgical production know-how at the service of a customer base that is looking for versatility and innovation.

PUNCH Torino is a company specialised in the design and development of innovative powertrain systems and advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing. Founded in 2005 by GM as General Motors Powertrain Europe, in February 2020 it joined the PUNCH Group, a leading supplier for the development, integration and production of transmissions and powertrains. In May 2021 PUNCH Torino founded the new company PUNCH Hydrocells S.r.l., dedicated to developing hydrogen-powered solutions. In January 2022 the spin-off of the Software and Controls division of PUNCH Torino gave life to the new company PUNCH Softronix. The PUNCH ecosystem also includes two start-ups: AITEM, which is dedicated to artificial intelligence research, and To.Tem, which focuses on micro-mobility by designing electric mopeds. PUNCH's 700 employees in Turin are enthusiastically committed to ensuring the innovative and sustainable engineering that customers value and deserve.

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