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Press Releases

Digital Magics and CDP Venture Capital SGR co-invest in 6 innovative startups for a total of over 3.5 million euro

Milan, 21 September 2020 - Digital Magics S.p.A. and CDP Venture Capital SGR – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione support the investment round for 6 innovative Italian startups for a total value of over 3.5 million euro. CDP Venture Capital SGR participates with approximately 1.6 million euro through the Fondo Acceleratori and the Fondo Italia Venture II, which co-invests in one of the startups.
In addition to Digital Magics (which invested around 300 thousand euro), and CDP Venture Capital, a number of professional investors participated in the investment round.
The process took place entirely during the lockdown period and confirms the significant interest on the part of investors and institutions in the startup asset class.

Marco Gay, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Magics, said: “We are very satisfied with the way our cooperation with CDP Venture Capital SGR started and the way it is progressing, also as a result of the acceleration it has given to third-party investment. Our investee companies have found an important partner who, with Digital Magics and the other investors, has raised equity funding, strategic capital for future plans.”

Enrico Resmini, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, comments: “The synergistic work carried out by the Fondo Acceleratori of CDP Venture Capital SGR, together with Digital Magics, demonstrates how effective it is to cooperate with major players and investors, for the benefit of the most innovative and deserving businesses in our country.”

The startups of the Digital Magics portfolio involved are:

AWorld, innovative startup with offices in Turin and New York that invests in sustainability and in the planet’s future, with the aim of creating a sustainable culture through the public, businesses and institutions. AWorld has created a social-gamified platform that rewards users for their sustainable actions and behaviours, using the gamification system.

Criptalia is the regulated peer-to-peer crowdlending platform, which connects high-net-worth SMEs wishing to invest in a growth project with lenders looking for good and low-risk interest rates to invest in. Criptalia uses permissionless public Blockchains, mainly with the Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, since the public Blockchain is considered the only one that can guarantee sufficient transparency, immutability and security for investors. The startup is 100% compliant with the European MiFID II regulation.

GrowishPay, an Italian fintech startup, is a leader in e-wallet-based social payment solutions for group payments, gift lists, gift cards, e-wallet management, payments by loyalty card, and loyalty and cashback programmes. The company operates under the Growish brand (online collections), (wedding list to collect gift amounts on wallets and wedding sites) and ScuolaPay, to pay for every school activity in a simple and secure way (coming soon). Backed by the experience of over 105,000 users and over 35 million euro of managed transactions, it provides B2B2C solutions via API, SDK or white-label SaaS platform for retail and e-commerce with omnichannel convergence to over 1,000 leading merchants.

Plurima, the most advanced and complete digital insurance platform on the market, is the first Italian network of independent insurance agents. It is an insurance management software created for all insurance intermediaries A, B and E, which provides fast access and registration without obligations, a wide range of specific products for every need, quick estimates and complete tools for managing pre-contractual documentation, the policy and receipts.

FrescoFrigo, an innovative startup established with the aim of developing a new retail concept (1 sqm). It allows to improve the everyday lifestyle, thanks to privileged access to quality, fresh and healthy products just a few steps away from one’s desk and front door. The startup takes care of the entire technological process, from hardware to software development, to the FrescoFrigo installation. Thanks to an App dedicated to the customer and to the Dashboard for the supplier, the company is able to manage, deliver and supply FrescoFrigo daily with a high quality offering, which meets the needs of target customers in the relevant location.

Wenda, established as a startup in the food tech sector, is an Italian business that collaborates with the major players in the Food & Beverage sector globally, from manufacturers to retailers, from logistics to insurance companies. Wenda digitises temperature and traceability data by combining them with logistics data in the multiple phases of distribution, automatically integrating with measurement tools and management, logistics and quality software used by the various supply chain players. By controlling every phase of the supply chain, it reduces food waste and enhances freshness, optimising processes and cutting down time and costs, protecting consumers, increasing transparency, safety and traceability.

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