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The AMC's Italia Venture II fund, which has accompanied the company since its foundation in 2020, sells its stake in Italy's first online psychology platform.

The transaction allows the entry of new investors to accelerate the company's international scale-up

Rome, 13 December 2023 - From startup to leading player in the Italian market for online psychology services. This is the growth achieved by Unobravo over the past three years, supported by CDP Venture Capital, which is now completing its journey by exiting the company's capital, as part of a transaction that will see the entry of the Northzone Venture Capital fund, joined by new national and foreign partners, and will accelerate the company's growth, also internationally.


Through the Italia Venture II - Fondo Imprese Sud fund, CDP Venture Capital selected Unobravo since the beginning, in 2020, as part of the “Seed per il Sud” programme, dedicated to the growth of young innovative companies in the seed and pre-seed stage, betting on the talent and vision of psychologist, founder and CEO Danila De Stefano and the rest of the team. Unobravo proposed a new remote psychological support model initially dedicated to Italian expats abroad, which in a short time expanded its range of action to become a reference player on the Italian market for this type of service.


With this sale, CDP Venture Capital confirms its commitment to the growth of the Italian venture capital market, reconciling the invested capital return targets with its role as supporter of the growth of new enterprises, guiding them throughout all stages of their journey until they can reach a level of maturity that is sufficient to make a market share or turnover leap.


“This transaction represents an extraordinary growth opportunity for Unobravo, which in the space of a few years has contributed to eliminating the stigma attached to psychological support, making mental health more accessible and personalised for over 160,000 patients and training a clinical team of over 5,000 professionals” stated Agostino Scornajenchi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of CDP Venture Capital. “As CDP Venture Capital, we immediately believed in the potential of Danila De Stefano’s proposal, financially supporting the platform’s growth from the very first stages of its launch. Today, our role as investors comes to an end, and we are very pleased to highlight this success story born in Southern Italy and to see a pool of national and international partners join Unobravo’s corporate structure to tackle together the great new challenges that lie ahead.”


“Unobravo is one of the many Italian examples demonstrating that investing in emerging innovative companies has a return on investment that is not only financial but also social, in terms of value and impact on the local territory and its communities. Unobravo employs over 5,000 people committed to improving mental health through an excellent and accessible online psychology support service. Jobs that did not exist only four years ago. Many new companies come to a halt right at the early stages due to the lack of economic resources: I would like to thank CDP Venture Capital not only for the support given to Unobravo, but also for the work it does in boosting Italian entrepreneurship and making stories like ours possible,” says Danila De Stefano, CEO and founder of Unobravo.


In the next steps, Unobravo will be committed to continuing the fight against mental health stigma, to developing new technologies for therapeutic support as well as branching out into new European markets.

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