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Establishment of fondo rilancio: 200 million euros in support of innovative start-ups and SMEs in Italy

Where to find all the information on the fund operation, who it is aimed at and how to put forward companies that meet the requirements 

What is Fondo Rilancio?  

It is a fund established by CDP Venture Capital Sgr to manage the 200 million euro allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development with the Rilancio Decree, and aimed at supporting and boosting the innovative business of startups and SMEs with registered office in Italy.

Fondo Rilancio aims to give an important boost to the Italian entrepreneurial system, which is experiencing a profound crisis due to the Covid-19 emergency.  

Who is it aimed at? 

Fondo Rilancio is aimed directly at the sector of qualified or regulated investors operating on the Italian territory, who will be able to submit the application of innovative startups or SMEs, in which they are about to invest or have already invested in the 6 months prior to the entry into force of the Rilancio Decree, and which they consider worthy of further investments.

How does the Fund operate?  

Investors will be able to apply for the companies in which they are about to invest or have recently invested through the website The Fondo Rilancio team will evaluate the applications received, selecting the most interesting proposals.

The result will be a co-investment between Fondo Rilancio and professional or regulated investors disbursed through the convertible financial instrument.

For each startup or SME, the capital invested by CDP Venture Capital Sgr through Fondo Rilancio will amount to a maximum of 4 times the value invested by the other private entities, with an overall cap of 1 million euro.  

How is it possible to submit applications?  

All the information relating to the operation of Fondo Rilancio is published on the website

Particularly, the page dedicated to Fondo Rilancio will include  

•    the FAQs, with a clear and concise explanation of the Fund operation; 
•    the documentation required to submit an application for the startup or SME invested in; and
•    a platform to access to submit the application online 

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