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CDP Venture Capital
Roma Hospitality

BeSafe Rate

BSR brings innovative tools to the hospitality industry to improve their business processes, increasing the hotel’s competitive offer resulting in greater market share and increased profitability.

BSR offers a complete solution that connects: the hotel's booking software, the traveller and the insurance company. By selecting BeSafe Rate with one-click while booking, travellers benefit from travel insurance cover included in their reservation at no extra cost to them. In contrast, the current procedure is cumbersome for both hotels and travellers necessitating a separate process with extra steps, additional costs, cover activation time-limit and more.

The SaaS offer is a B2B2C turn-key solution integrated into the hotels system and the insurer which offers the traveller insurance cover with all costs borne by the hotel, and which guarantees refunds of their prepayment in case of cancellation (also in case of a pandemic rule change); as well as comprehensive travel cover during their stay.

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