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CDP Venture Capital
Pomezia (RM) E-commerce & Retail


Shampora creates customized hair care products tailored to the needs and wishes of each client.
On the website it is possible to answer a quick questionnaire of about 25 specific questions for the hair, skin, lifestyle, habits and desires of the customer. Thanks to this information, Shampora's proprietary algorithm analyzes the data and elaborates a personalized list of ingredients, tailored to the person.
Collected data are processed by the system and subsequently sent to the laboratory, where expert cosmetologists make each single product respecting all the quality standards.
Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In, Prime Mask and Active Water are created just-in-time to avoid any waste. 
Each formulation is unique, tailor-made, and is further personalized with the addition of the fragrance indicated by the user in the consultation phase.

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