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BionIT Labs

BionIT Labs S.r.l. is a med-tech Italian company founded in February 2018, which designs and  commercialize innovative Medical Devices by applying IT to Bionics, with the aim of "Turning  disabilities into New Possibilities".
BionIT Labs developed Adam’s Hand, a poli-articulated hand prosthesis based on a game-changing technology – patented in Europe and patent-pending in USA, China and India –  which uses only one motor to move all the fingers, making them automatically adapt to grasped  objects’ shape and size. The user doesn’t need to select any pre-set grip pattern - as it happens in the case  of all currently available bionic devices – and this enormously simplifies its use. The Machine Learning algorithm integrated into the Adam’s Hand allows to perfectly fit the device functioning to each single user’s muscular tone.
Adam’s Hand costs up to one-fourth of the high-end bionic devices currently available on the market.

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