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CDP Venture Capital
Bologna Software & Data


Cubbit is the first European cloud provider that does not have to build nor maintain data centers.
Cubbit's technology solves at the root the problems of (i) privacy, (ii) price and (iii) environmental impact of the traditional centralized cloud infrastructure.
Founded in July 2016 by 4 founders, the startup now has 35 members and serves clients in more than 70 countries. Today Cubbit offers cloud storage services to individuals and companies, to have a secure backup of their files. The offer of cloud services will soon include hosting, CDN, grid computing.
Rather than relying on expensive datacenters, Cubbit's software allows connected devices in our homes and offices to work together and create a distributed cloud. Cubbit never centralizes all your data in one place - files are encrypted, fragmented, multiplied and then distributed. This makes Cubbit a Zero Knowledge system: we ourselves don't even have the keys to access the data we keep.

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