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AIKO is a deep tech startup focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence for the automation of space missions. The long-term vision is to become a leader in the supply of AI and automation technologies in the space sector, through the creation of an ecosystem of technologies both for applications on board satellites and on the ground in the mission control center, specifically aimed at automation of operations, support for operators and autonomy of advanced mission. The key areas of expertise are Machine and Deep Learning, autonomous decision systems, embedded software design and safety-critical Artificial Intelligence applications. AIKO was the first European company to have demonstrated Deep Learning technology in orbit. The technology developed by AIKO significantly increases the capabilities and efficiency of Earth observation, telecommunication, and scientific satellites, and provides benefits in terms of mission cost reduction (thanks to the automation of operations) and in terms of greater return. on investments for companies that operate satellites, thanks to the fact that satellites remain operational for a longer time than traditional approaches.

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