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CDP Venture Capital
Milano Fintech


Credimi’s mission is to empower small business growth, leveraging data and technology. Since 2017, Credimi has fulfilled this mission by delivering lending products, and becoming the biggest digital lender for SMEs in Europe. Currently, Credimi offers a medium-long term financing instrument, Credimi Futuro, a loan aimed to Sole Traders, Credimi Subito, and one focused on financing digitalisation, Credimi Commerce. Credimi has originated a total of €1.6bn loans to date and it has processed more than 40,000 business requests. Credimi’s revenues have been growing 3x yoy since inception. Credimi has attracted debt funds from several banks and asset managers in Italy and abroad. Going forward, Credimi aims at leveraging data to solve many more, big problems for small business owners and sole traders, in Italy and across Europe. Credimi is a finacial intermediary regulated and supervised by Banca d’Italia.

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