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CDP Venture Capital
Cologno Monzese (MI) Life Science


WISE is an innovative medical device company developing the new generation of electrodes for Neuromonitoring, Neuromodulation and Brain-Machine Interface using its proprietary Supersonic technology. The electrodes of WISE are highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing a great adhesion, a minimal invasiveness and an excellent adaptability to the nervous tissue.
This is possible thanks to the innovative technology of WISE, which allows to produce stretchable and biocompatible electronic circuits integrated in extremely thin elastomeric substrates.
WISE will be soon launching in EU and USA the WISE Cortical Strip (WCS) - used for IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring during brain tumor and epilepsy surgeries - and it is completing the development of the SCS EXPERT lead, the first Multi-column SCS Paddle lead that can be implanted percutaneously by a Pain Therapist.

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