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Frontech is the Accelerator dedicated to the growth of startups developing innovative digital solutions in AI, web 3.0, metaverse.

The program was created with a total endowment of €7 million earmarked for initial investment tickets and subsequent follow-on post-acceleration, of which €5.6 million is allocated by CDP Venture Capital's Accelerators Fund and the remainder by co-investors GELLIFY and Cariplo Factory, which will operationally manage the program.

The Accelerator also benefits from the important contribution of Fondazione Sardegna and its innovation hub Innois, as well as Technical Partners Algorand and Microsoft-through its AI L.A.B. program, created to promote the responsible adoption of generative AI by businesses-and Corporate Partners Bper, Banco di Sardegna and FPZ.

Frontech selects startups that develop solutions within the category of "frontier" technologies, i.e., enabling technologies for digital transformation, generative AI models, with applications such as digital identity, blockchain, intellectual property authentication, gaming, AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), digital art, new publishing etc.

Every year for 3 years 10 startups will have access to an initial investment ticket of 120 thousand euros and a 6-month path aimed at accompanying creators, developers and founders in building the technological and commercial infrastructure of their solutions.

Frontech is based at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari and provides a hybrid mode of use by accelerated startups.

The call for startups for the 1st edition of Frontech is open until May 19 at

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