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CDP Venture Capital
Firenze E-commerce & Retail

The Italian digital wine shop - formerly known as VINO75 - was set up in 2012 with the development of its tech platform and the entry in Nana Bianca. In 2014 it launched its proprietary multi-brand and multi-channel platform, renovating the distribution of wine and spirits. Its catalogue is continuously expanding, boasting over 1,000 national and international wineries and more than 4,000 labels.
At the beginning of 2021, it acquired to fuel its goal of representing Italian and international excellence in the world. Since 2017, it has been working in China through Alibaba’s Tmall Choice and Tmall Global and, since 2020, it operates directly in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. In the upcoming months, other EU markets will be opened. offers a tailored customer journey ensured through a series of useful tools such as a virtual sommelier, product information and wine pairings, combined with a unique content. The images are in hi-res providing front and back labels of each product that can be purchased on the website.

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