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CDP Venture Capital
Napoli Marketing & Sales


Buzzoole was established in Naples in 2013 with the idea of creating a technology-advanced solution to bring influencers together with corporate marketers. Over time, the initial idea has been adapted to the evolution of the market and today the company provides software and services to support brands in all the phases of influencer marketing campaigns. Headquartered in Naples and with business offices in Milan and London, Buzzoole employs 45 people and it received numerous awards, and has collected several investment rounds. 
Buzzoole operates in a double-sided market between two opposing forces: influencers and brands. Brands can benefit of the complete management of influencer marketing campaigns (managed service) or the sale of technology for activating creators (SaaS model). This includes the search of the most suitable influencers for campaigns, from over 2 million social profiles, and various modules that allow customers to follow the progress of activities in real time, verify the performance of the campaign, and manage the entire administrative and payment process.

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